Commercial Mortgages
Leader Bank offers a full range of commercial real estate services including permanent loans to purchase or refinance existing real estate. Our lending staff has years of direct experience in lending on multi-tenanted residential investment properties, along with office buildings and retail centers.
At Leader Bank we also have significant experience in construction lending, emphasizing residential projects including land subdivision, multi-family housing, as well as all types of commercial, industrial, and retail developments.
For further information, please contact Matthew Pierce, SVP Commercial Lending, at 781-646-3900 x183.
Business purpose: Acquire or refinance existing debt on commercial property.
Terms/Maturity: 10, 15, 20, & 25 year amortization*
Interest rate: Variable and Fixed rates based off of Federal Home Loan Bank Index and Treasury bill plus margin.
Access to funding: Funds available at closing.
Monthly payment: Principal and interest payments to amortize entire balance over the term of the loan.
Collateral: First mortgage position on commercial property.
Guaranties: Required from each borrower/owner.
Costs: Closing costs may vary by type of property, dollar amount of loan and complexity of transaction origination fee.
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