Customer Name: Pedro Alarcon, Owner of La Casa de Pedro, Billerica, MA
Posted Date: March 21, 2012
Customer Name: Burke L.
Posted Date: December 23, 2014

Via Yelp: "Bank local" (instead of with the big banks that got bailed out at taxpayers' expense) doesn't get any better than this. Leader Bank is a local bank in Arlington, Cambridge and Belmont. I use 2 of the locations regularly (East Arlington and Belmont) and the staff is the friendliest I've ever found in 30 years of banking. They all know my name - managers and tellers - and go out of their way to do favors for me. They have never charged me for a bounced check! I have found it really easy to do business with them because they are small and local. I honestly don't understand the negative reviews - I can't imagine these scenarios at this bank. I highly recommend them both on a personal level (extremely kind people) and political (don't give your money to the megabanks!)

Customer Name: Dennis C.
Posted Date: December 13, 2014

Via Yelp: I have used this bank for the last seven years. I cannot say enough good things about them. As far as banking goes, this is my go to bank. Checking, savings, loans and CD's - they are by far the best in the area.

I have multiple business accounts and loans with them. I am treated very well and with professionalism each time I visit a branch. They have machines to make remote deposits and that has cut down on daily visits to the branches.

I use their coin counting machine all the time and it makes life a lot easier.

I can even buy gold coins at the branch.

They have everything a big bank has to offer, but Leader is able to do it with the small bank touch.

Make the switch and you will not regret it.

Customer Name: Kevin R.
Posted Date: June 24, 2014

Via Yelp: Best bank with no hassles and with friendly, prompt, and courteous staff. I have banked with the Belmont branch for the past year, and the staff is just like family. Each visit is a warm welcome with prompt service. They always make sure my finances are secure, and that my checks are not dwindling in the back uncashed for days. Plus, after each visit I treat myself to an apple, cookie, coffee, or water that is complimentary provided from the bank to the customers. They make banking more enjoyable than rushing to the counter to receive money.

Customer Name: Todd S.
Posted Date: June 24, 2014

We wanted to send a note and tell you how much we enjoyed working with Kevin Greeley on our recent purchase of a single family home in Cambridge... When a house one block from our current condo went up for sale 2 months ago, the first thing we thought was: Call Kevin at Leader Bank! We did so and starting from there, he was absolutely wonderful and easy to work with. We can't thank him enough for making the financing part of the home buying process so simple, straight-forward and dare I say... enjoyable. Each time we had a concern or question, he would get back to us the same day with both information and reassurance. We really appreciated his personal attention and service and couldn't have been happier with Leader Bank. We have already recommended friends to contact Kevin for their mortgage needs (he's handled several) and know they, too, have been very pleased.

We love our home and can't imagine moving any time soon. But if we do, Kevin will be the first to know!

Customer Name: Sue M.
Posted Date: May 15, 2014

I would like to take a moment to commend Asrate Sahlu in her excellence in customer service as I had an issue with your ATM service and the timeliness of availability of cash.  Asrate assisted me this morning in assuring that my mortgage was paid on time and that I did not experience late fees or an insufficient funds situation.  She followed up with me and the branch manager as well as the mortgage division.  I am thankful for her assistance and attention to detail.  Please pass this thank you along to her as she when above and beyond I’m sure what her normal job requirements.

Customer Name: Roger K.
Posted Date: March 17, 2014

Via Yelp: This bank has the most helpful and kindest associates among any bank I have ever been to. I am very proud to be a customer at this bank. They have the most [astounding] service any customer could ever ask for. I will be a customer forever with this bank. They treat you like family and have a great desire to fulfill all your needs. I give this bank 5 stars not only for their service but also for their kindness. I recommend this bank to everyone. A+

Customer Name: William E.
Posted Date: March 8, 2014

Via Yelp: Leader Bank Belmont is amazing. I got sick of my big corporate bank that didn't care about me. Upon entering and talking with Abdul (one of the personal bankers) he took care of everything for me! I frequently come in now to have a friendly conversation with him on a weekely basis. That's why this bank is great! They are friendly and actually value your business AND REMEMBER YOU!! I plan on getting my mortage and everything from Leader! Plus they will sell you physical silver and gold.

Leader bank has tons of free seminars and always have great rates for savings,CD and mortgage!

Ditch the big banks and go to see Abdul!!!

Customer Name: Juan Carlos Y.
Posted Date: November 1, 2013

To a Loan Officer and Processor: I wanted to take a moment to thank you both sincerely for the prompt and responsive service during our mortgage loan process with Leader Bank. The help, guidance and attentive (or should I say – active) support that both of you have provide has been exceptional. Service like yours is rare in any business these days...and the fact that this was a loan related with the purchase of our home (always a fretful event); it was certainly heartening the almost daily contact that you maintained with me while shepherding everything through the “labyrinth” this successful day!


[We] send our most sincere thanks and appreciation for your assistance.
Customer Name: Gus S.
Posted Date: October 23, 2013

I opened the account at the Central Square branch and had a great experience with everyone I worked with there. They are bringing community banking again to the picture while maintaining a good technology and being current. I thought this will only be a savings relationship, however, I started seeing cash back on my account as a result of using their debit card which was nice. So now they are getting at least half of my spending on their debit card!

Customer Name: JB
Posted Date: September 25, 2013

This bank is one of the best. I visit the Central Square branch where my "personal banker" handles my transactions. She is always professional and polite. Anything I need I know will be taken care of and I would highly recommend this bank to anyone and everyone. Not only is the staff amazing but everything like everything is free and I don't need to do anything special for it either!

Customer Name: Jeannie B.
Posted Date: September 7, 2013

I love this bank! I've been here about 6 months -- I picked them because they have branches close to both work and home, but I've ended up loving them for a whole bunch of other reasons:


First, they don't really charge fees for anything. And the savings account has an interest rate over 2%, which is better than you'll get in most money markets these days. So financially it's a good pick. They also give you some cash back on card purchases, and refund ATM fees from other banks so you can get cash anywhere.


Also, unlike my previous bank, they were able to set up my personal and business accounts in one portfolio so I can transfer money easily from business to personal, instead of having to walk into the bank with a paper check like I did in the last place.


Best of all, the customer service is awesome! They've taken care of everything I need, quickly and cheerfully. They'll call you personally if you make a mistake, and cut you a little slack if you go below zero in the account for a day or so before a deposit comes in.


I actually *like* going to the bank. The staff makes a point of getting to know customers, and they'll greet you by name and talk for a bit if you have time. Usually they offer me coffee or cookies or a bottle of cold water when I go in.


Their hours are good too, open a little later than some banks. All in all an A+ so far.

Customer Name: Anonymous
Posted Date: August 27, 2013

5 stars: I have my mortgage and checking/savings with Leader for about 6 months now. First impression: excellent customer service, very accessible and helpful staff. On top of that the Zeugma savings is the best deal I've seen among brick and mortar and online banks. I used to bank with TD bank and ING but now do all my banking with Leader and haven't looked back. I highly recommend.

Customer Name: Margaret R
Posted Date: June 27, 2013

I closed on a house in North Reading, MA yesterday and I obtained my mortgage from Leader Bank. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the efforts of Marcus and Ben in making this a painless exercise. They were easy to contact, very responsive and clear in their communications about what was needed to process my loan. On top of which - I got a great rate! I don't think you can ask for more than that from a bank.

Customer Name: Shannon and Claudiney T
Posted Date: June 20, 2013

Hi Jonathan,


Thank you so much for all of your help in making our home ownership dream come true. It was extremely easy to work with you and Leader Bank. In addition to providing the best rate, the entire application process was easy. You were excellent about keeping us in the know about the approval process and provided detailed instructions of supporting documents needed and how to obtain them.


We would definitely recommend using Leader Bank to our friends and family. Thank you again!

Customer Name: Rene A
Posted Date: April 9, 2013

I don't personally bank here, but I work for a law firm that does. Over the course of my employment, I have become  what I like to call a "honorary customer." (I have to make the deposits for the firm and am usually the point of contact between our firm and Leader Bank). I have never once been disappointed with the service offered at the bank.

All the employees have always been extremely helpful and friendly. I have had many good times chatting with the tellers, and always look forward to my next visit. They are very professional, courteous, and nice. And some of them are actually really funny!

Unlike larger institutional banks, this bank makes you feel like an actual person, and not just some random bank account. There is something very human about this place and the level of comfort felt is astounding. They offer quite a few competitive services (check out the rates on the savings accounts!). 

I'm originally from Texas and no Leader Banks exist there (as far as I know), so unfortunately, I am stuck with a larger bank that is also located in Texas so that my parents can transfer funds into my account more easily when I get desperate. I have decided, however, that I will explore my options with Leader Bank in the future.

Customer Name: Chris D
Posted Date: March 26, 2013

Hi Vikas,

I also want to thank you for your outstanding service. I appreciate your time and assistance with our refi and we will for sure recommend you to friends and also will come to you first if we have need for any new mortgages.

Customer Name: Jing
Posted Date: March 11, 2013
Two friends of mine recently purchased their houses and they both got the mortgage from Leader Bank. They recommended loan officer "Elbert Baquero" to me when my boyfriend was in the process of buying a condo in the city.

We absolutely love Elbert Baquero. He is the BEST, most professional loan officer we have ever known. (During the condo purchase process, we worked with a few mortgage officers, so we have a good number of people to compare). Leader Bank has the most knowledgeable loan officer Elbert Baquero, and the lowest rate.

Elbert is always on top of things and he keeps on communicating with us and keep us updated on all the status. We feel very comfortable working with him and we trust him 100% during the whole process. Also, due to the special situation of our mortgage, it requires a lot more effort than regular loan application, Elbert put in great deal of effort and helped us closed the deal successfully.

If any friend of mine thinks to purchase a home, I will absolutely tell them Leader Bank - Elbert Baquero, is their best choice. They won't regret.

And if we buy another place in the future, Leader Bank is defietely the place we will go. Thanks again.
Customer Name: Patricia C
Posted Date: February 8, 2013
I am a long time customer of Leader Bank where I have always received prompt attention. I would like to commend Varsha Patel in the East Arlington branch for her outstanding customer service skills. Today I was greeted warmly by Varsha and she proceeded to help me with an IRA problem quickly resolving the issue. Varsha is polite, personable and very professional. You are fortunate to have her as an employee. People of her caliber are rare in dealing with customer problems.
Customer Name: Deborah K
Posted Date: January 18, 2013
[We] want to thank you for helping us refinance our house. It was almost seamless with you and Leader Bank and went much faster than we expected...Thanks again so much. This refinance will make life a little easier.
Customer Name: Anonymous
Posted Date: January 16, 2013
Leader Bank is the best commercial bank I've *ever* dealt with, period. The tellers and managers greet me by name and call me periodically to make sure a transaction is legit, especially if it's something I've purchased online and the payment is going out of the country. Once, they held-up an *electronic* payment I made...without me asking when they noticed that my direct deposit payment was late. If it had been [another bank], the payment would have been rejected and I would have been assessed an insufficient funds fee. But because the manager at Leader knew that I got direct deposits every 2 weeks, she held the payment and called me to let me know that my deposit was late, but she wouldn't let anything go through until the deposit came in. Then she told me she'd call to let me know when the deposit came in (it did ... 2 days later!). I don't believe I will *ever* leave Leader Bank. I've never experienced such excellent customer service.
Customer Name: Jane L
Posted Date: December 10, 2012
Thanks very much Kathy! I've been hearing so many people talk about their refinance horror stories . . . and thankfully my experience with you and Leader Bank, with both my initial mortgage and now the refinance, has been almost effortless! I will be sure to spread the good word!
Customer Name: Mike & Gloria A
Posted Date: December 6, 2012
I just want to pass along my sincere "Thank You" to Leader Bank for again coming through for us and delivering on your promises for this loan. Additionally, my wife Gloria and I want to let you know that Vikas Selhi in particular was fantastic during this entire process! From the very beginning, he was professional, honest, and responsive. Despite the high loan volume, he communicated very well with us as our application progressed, and we'll certainly be recommending both Leader Bank and him to our friends who are considering refinancing their home..
Customer Name: Declan H
Posted Date: December 6, 2012
Thanks again for everything, you guys are great! And once we get settled we’re definitely going to move some/all of our banking activity over to Leader! Great bank in our town, it’s a no brainer.
Customer Name: Denise M
Posted Date: November 30, 2012
As for my experience with Leader so far, I absolutely love it. I really cannot say enough good things. As a solo business owner how my time is spent determines my level of success. With Leader all of my banking is extremely efficient. Also, everyone I have encountered so far is very courteous and very knowledgeable. It has been a breath of fresh air - truly.
Customer Name: Liane C
Posted Date: November 15, 2012
I have just refinanced with your bank. I could not be happier with the service provided to me by Roxana Zelayandia. She made the process of refinancing extremely simple. She was available to me daily whenever I called or emailed. I will be recommending your bank, and specifically Roxana, to family, friends and colleagues.
Customer Name: Anonymous
Posted Date: October 9, 2012
I can't tell you how utterly awesome your new app is. If Leader can maintain great personal service combined with this type of innovation, that will be great.
Customer Name: Michele F
Posted Date: August 23, 2012
Dear Ruby,
I never seem to be able to articulate in words the deep level of gratitude that I have towards you and the outstanding level of customer service that you provide. Truly, your knowledge, work ethic, and your level of conscientiousness towards the finest and broadest details are exceptional.
... I have referred numerous family and friends to you because I have been in business long enough to know when someone is special. You are very gifted at what you do, and I cannot thank you enough for the platinum level of service that you provide to me but to also my family and friends. I understand, based on my the feedback from my family and friends that everyone is following you to Leader Bank! This is a wise decision.
Thank you once again for all of your support and expertise. Your commitment and breadth of knowledge in the field of banking provides customers with an effortless experience.
Customer Name: George K
Posted Date: August 23, 2012
[The customer] was very happy with you. He said you called him and made the process very easy
Customer Name: Tom L
Posted Date: July 20, 2012
Really nice to see an increase in community banking, lots of banking problems could be solved via better community banking
Customer Name: Kristin S
Posted Date: July 13, 2012
I wanted to thank you for everything - you made this purchase so smooth and easy...
Customer Name: Chris D
Posted Date: June 27, 2012
I must say, I really like the service Leader Bank has provided my firm over the last couple years. Thank you for making our banking so easy and accessible
Customer Name: C Dierickx
Posted Date: June 14, 2012
Marcus was amazing! After a previous lender dropped the ball 2 days before closing, Marcus was able to save the deal by providing a loan in just two weeks. The difference in the process between the two was night and day - Marcus and his associates are streamlined, professional, and efficient. I wish I'd gone with him from the beginning!
Customer Name: D Gershkowitz
Posted Date: April 27, 2012
Leader Bank in Arlington! I have checking and savings with them. The other day I paid some bills online and forgot (duh?) to transfer the money from savings to checking.
Did they extract some huge fee? Did they send the payee 'insufficient sum' notices? No. They CALLED me. That's all. That's it. They called and said, 'did you forget to make a transfer or deposit?' I LOVE that bank!!!
There's a marketing saying, 'If you make a customer happy, he might tell someone. If you make a customer unhappy, he will tell everyone.' It's true, but I'm so happy with Leader that I do try to publicize the quality of service when I have a reason.
Customer Name: T Lena
Posted Date: April 27, 2012
Thank you very much for helping me get started today with an exciting new checking account at Leader Bank in Arlington, MA. It's wonderful to experience great customer service with good people in a friendly and comfortable environment just minutes from my home. I am confident your services will compliment my financial goals as my world continues to expand for more opportunity and success. Thanks again for your support and kindness and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Customer Name: G Briggs
Posted Date: February 27, 2012
You and your staff met my expectations above and beyond. Three weeks from P&S to closing is a new record!
Customer Name: P Feinmann
Posted Date: July 13, 2010
I was happy to find a neighborhood bank like Leader Bank during 2009. Our experience was less than positive with some of the major well know banks. Leader rolled up their sleeves and really work closely with me to develop a several financing options for my small business while treating me like I was a large corporation.
Customer Name: Fresh Mart
Posted Date: July 5, 2010
My experience with the Leader Bank has been excellent! All its employees are great and friendly and have been helpful. I feel Leader Bank is really friendly towards the small business with no fees. Because of Mr. Tuli and his encouragement and help, I was able to open my first business.
Customer Name: F Langenegger
Posted Date: June 29, 2010
I have appreciated Leader Bank's lending support for a number of years, and have felt that Leader has a true sense of partnership in helping our local small business succeed. I recently switched our small business banking accounts to Leader, and have been very pleased by the responsive, attentive service I have received from both the senior bank staff and the branch tellers. They offer all the services I need, with an orientation toward supporting local community businesses like ours. Leader Bank wants our business, and has earned it!
Customer Name: B Bowes
Posted Date: June 29, 2010
Over the years, I have arranged a number of commercial loans with Leader Bank , including an office building, a commercial/industrial building and a residential apartment building. I have always found their rates and terms to be very competitive, their knowledge of commercial lending exceptional and the overall experience to be professional with a focus on building a long-term, personal and supportive relationship.
I will continue to use Leader bank for all of my mortgage needs.
Customer Name: W Giessmann
Posted Date: June 29, 2010
I have been banking with Leader Bank’s Arlington office since the day I opened the doors of Right Turn in 2003. As someone who both lives and works in this vibrant community, I searched out a bank that would fulfill my goals to stay local and help me manage my business financials. Being the CEO of Right Turn, Inc. a small and growing 501 c non-profit in Arlington, I am responsible for making reports to the government and funders, and always need the most updated information at hand. I get it when I need it from Leader bank. Without fail, Leader’s staff has given me the kind of service a small but growing non-profit needs - the personal touch, a friendly welcome, and expert advice. That’s the way I run my organization, and it’s important to know I will be treated the same way.
Customer Name: R. Kival
Posted Date: June 6, 2005
Nikita and Sushil,
I wanted to thank you both for all your help during this long process. The closing went as planned on Friday and we spent the weekend at the new house and formally move in next Monday. The closing on our house is set for the 17th.
You were both wonderful to work with and thanks to your help we have a beautiful new home.
Customer Name: NE Financial / Construction Loan
Posted Date: October 11, 2003
I just wanted to take a quick monent to thank you for your help in setting up the construction loan for Patti. It is always a pleasure to work with quality advisors.
Customer Name: P. Carroll
Posted Date: October 3, 2003
I am writing as satisfied customer of Leader Bank due mostly because of your employee, Donna Stone.
From our first encounter, Donna has been very outgoing and pleasant while maintaining a professional demeanor. She knows the answers to all my questions and if she doesn't know, she quickly finds out.
You are very fortunate to have Donna at Leader Bank. I'm sure many other customers share this feeling.
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