Leader Bank eBusiness
Leader eBusiness is available to any client with a Leader Bank business account. Businesses can also grant full or limited use of the system to their employees. To learn more about Leader eBusiness, call us toll free at 1-877-691-7900 or e-mail deposits@leaderbank.com.
You can sign up for Leader eBusiness by contacting your account representative. We will work with you to establish the appropriate plan and service levels for your individual business needs. Once your enrollment application has been approved, you will receive your Access IDs, tokens and/or passwords.
Overview of Features
Real-Time Account Access
Unlike other financial institutions that update information in batches 1-2 times per day, Leader eBusiness checking and savings account balances and transactions are generally current and will reflect transactions made throughout the day as they occur. These transactions include transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and ACH originations. Balances for other account types, such as loans and CDs, are generally current as of the end of the previous business day.
Administrative Options
Leader eBusiness offers an array of administrative options to give you the control and convenience you’re looking for. As an administrator, you can set up new employee accounts, assign individual security permissions, control employee access to transfer and payment templates, and establish days and times employees can gain access to Leader eBusiness.
Download Account History Into Your Financial Management Software
With Leader eBusiness, you can download information from your checking, savings, and loan accounts into a format that can be used with well-known financial management applications. Contact your account representative to learn more. In Leader eBusiness you have access to transactional information for your current and previous statement cycle. You have up to 25 days after the last day of your previous statement to export the information.
Transfer Funds
Make immediate transfers between accounts, schedule transfers to take place automatically in the future, and even distribute funds to multiple accounts in a single transfer. Plus, you can make regular, principal, and interest-only loan payments using the transfer function in Leader eBusiness.
View Check Images & Statements
Access your financial records 24x7. Leader eBusiness gives you the ability to view and print statements and images of your posted checks. Just click on any check number to view both the front and back of a check image.
Initiate Stop Payments & Wire Transfers
Issue stop payments and view a complete list of all approved, disapproved, and pending stop payments. Initiate wire transfers conveniently from your own office. You also have the ability to individually define access levels, limits, and capabilities of each employee-user for these and other Leader eBusiness features.
ACH Origination
ACH transfers are an efficient and cost effective way to initiate payments and collections. Leader eBusiness includes the option to generate and modify ACH files with a browser-based ACH management tool. To find out if you are eligible for ACH capabilities, please contact your account representative.
Cash Management Cutoff Hours
2:00 p.m. Wire Transfers
2:30 p.m. ACH File Transfers
5:00 p.m. Internal Funds Transfers
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